Are you ready to reset your health?

Stress, excess alcohol, caffeine, environmental toxins and the typical Western diet have been linked to the development of chronic disease – hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions and obesity.

And modern life is just getting busier and more stressful!

Learning how to detox your body everyday of your life is a very important and exciting step forward for your health. 

Let’s Enhance Your Body’s Ability To Detoxify!

 The 4-Week Detox Program includes:

Express initial consultation – online/telephone (15 minutes)
One Month Gut Health & Detox Program to follow
One Month Supply of Practitioner-only Therapeutic Supplements
A Complete Detox Guide – this contains your detox diet with a weekly meal plan and online recipes.
Weekly email check-ins and support – to keep you motivated and inspired!

Your Investment is $450 (exc. GST)

 Or Upgrade To Receive The Following:

Comprehensive Initial Appointment – begin your Detox Program with an online or in-clinic appointment (60 minutes)
Follow Up Appointment – finish your Detox Program with an online or in-clinic appointment (30 minutes)

Your Investment is $730 (exc. GST)  

Do you need a payment plan? Just ask! Click HERE to contact Kristy to set up.

Everything you need to know

Q: How can I sign up to the 4-Week Detox Program?

A: Please click the button above to sign up to the 4-Week Detox Program, choose either the ‘Express’ or the ‘Comprehensive’ option. You will then be prompted to book a time for your initial consultation and to pay the $250 deposit. 

Q: Are there payment plans available for the program?

A:  Yes, weekly payment plans are available for the 4-Week Detox Program. An initial deposit of $250 is required. Please email Kristy at [email protected] to set up your payment plan.

Q: Is there any more information available for the program?

A:  By purchasing the Program, you are agreeing to the Program Terms and Conditions. Click here to read the T&Cs.

Q: How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

A: For any queries, please contact Kristy at [email protected]

Is It Time?

Time to prioritise your health.

“Highly recommended, Kristy is very thorough with extensive knowledge in her field. She has a wonderful personal approach to healing.”  Leah
I can’t wait to help you improve your health & wellbeing! 

Kristy x

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