Hot Springs Retreat

It’s Time.

Time to schedule in that break – to reset, replenish & rejuvenate.

Join us at the next unique Australian Experience!

Hot Springs Retreat ~ October 17 – 20, 2019 (Mornington Peninsula)

What you will receive:

Four precious days dedicated to YOU!  
Connection with like-minded women  
Unique workshops focusing on mindset, self-care, as well as food and lifestyle education

Meditation and breathwork 

Soak in the healing mineral Peninsula Hot Springs and experience calm, detoxification and stress support from restorative Naturopathic Hydrotherapy  

3 x nights accommodation + nutritious food as medicine (all main meals) to help reset the body and hormones


Meet Your Retreat Facilitators

The Hot Springs Retreat combines the unique experience that Kristy & Emily bring as two well-regarded Natural Health Practitioners & Facilitators.  Emily & Kristy are both mothers with young children & women running their own successful clinical practices.  They share a history in demanding management roles, corporate & mental health settings, combined with their own health journeys that include stress, burnout and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which resulted in them both returning to study in the field of Natural Medicine.

Kristy Scougall

Kristy Scougall

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Facilitator

Kristy is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Facilitator, with over 15 years of experience in key teaching and leadership roles in both the vocational education sector and the finance industry. Kristy now successfully combines these skills to empower women and their families to transform their health and wellbeing, and bring about harmony in the home and at work.

“I am a Wife, Mum of two hungry boys and a gorgeous sausage dog named Ginger. Running a busy clinical practice as well as a lively (noisy!) household, I can appreciate how challenging making it through the day can be some days. Life is certainly full.

I used to work hard, fast and I burnt-out quickly and easily. Through my own journey of self-discovery, one of the ways that I best serve myself and my loved ones, is when I step out of my normal environment on a regular basis – on Retreat. The lessons I receive on retreat are empowering and reconnect me to the bigger picture. I feel completely refreshed and come home more inspired than ever.

All women deserve to experience this, which is why I love the retreat space and teaching women how to discover new ways to feel vibrant & healthy. I can’t wait to support you at our restorative retreat!”

Emily Connell

Emily Connell

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner & Trainer

Emily is a degree qualified Nutritional Medicine practitioner, trainer and facilitator.  Emily combines her qualifications and skills as a Nutritional Medicine practitioner and educator with her previous professional background in counselling, suicide intervention, Occupational Therapy and management in the youth, families and mental health sectors to develop therapeutic relationships that are founded on support, empathy and integrity.

“I am a Mum of two active boys and appreciate the challenges that come with balancing health, life, business and family amidst a world that, at times, seems so super fast paced and crazy! My Nutritional Medicine career eventuated as a result of my own struggles seeking balance and overcoming my own health complications.  

The search for the elusive health/life/family balance for me is ongoing.  I used to think ‘Self Care’ & ‘Balance’ were dirty words as I continued to push, over-achieve & ‘run from the tiger’.  Eventually my body and mind forced me to take a break and slow down.  I have experienced first hand what a ‘break’ feels like on retreat.   The results were life changing. There was space for clarity to shine light on what was important and what I needed to let go of to help live my best life!  I am excited to work alongside you to share these learnings!”

Are you feeling depleted?

Exhausted & running on empty?

Or maybe you are constantly ‘running from the tiger’ and now wondering why your hormones, libido, digestion, mood and sleep are starting to become a problem?
As busy Mum’s and business owners with full lives…we get it!
We invite you to join us for a luxurious retreat, to reset, replenish & rejuvenate and feel more inspired than ever!
3 nights + 4 days is a perfect time, without spending too much time away from your commitments.
The Retreat is a must!  I attended as I was feeling deflated, unmotivated and lacking energy. I live a very busy lifestyle and run my own business, and for a long time had put everything else before my health. The retreat gave me the reminder I needed that my health and well being is important and that I need to take time for me. 

After leaving the retreat, I felt inspired to put myself and my health first again. I have since started seeing Kristy on a regular basis and taking the natural supplements and herbal mixtures recommended by her and am starting to feel great again.

Don’t just consider going to the Retreat…do it because you are worth it. Dominique, Retreat Participant

Spaces are limited.

October 17 – 20, 2019 ~ Mornington Peninsula


Invest in yourself

– Early Bird is One Payment of $2499.00 –

– Payment plans are available –

Everything you need to know


Q: How can I secure my spot on the Retreat?

A:  Spaces are strictly limited for this unique retreat. Please click the button above to secure your spot on the Retreat ASAP. You will then be prompted to pay the $500 deposit.

Q: Are there payment plans available for the Retreat?

A:  Yes, payment plans are available for the retreat. An initial deposit of $500 is required. Please email Kristy at [email protected] to set up your payment plan.

Q: How do I get there?

A:  Mornington Peninsula is approximately 1.5 hours from Melbourne.  Flight and transfers are not included. You will need to arrange your own flights and transfers to the accommodation, situated near the Peninsula Hot Springs. 

Q: How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

A: For further details or any queries, please contact Kristy at [email protected] or Ph: 0406 616 368 or Emily at [email protected] Ph: 0438 818 495

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