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Feeling sluggish after winter?

The weather is warming up and it’s time to get out your beautiful Spring frocks! You want to get back on track with your diet and start new healthy habits that you can stick to throughout Summer.

You’ve come to the right place.

Now is the perfect time.

Take the first steps today

The Pure Spring Cleanse is a chance to take stock, hit the reset button and ditch some of those naughty habits that may have creeped in over time.

After all, you are human right?!

Put the spring back in your step…

When we think of Spring and Summer, we think of balmy evenings, immersing yourself in water, swimming and entertaining outside in the evening air. There’s a hint of excitement, warmth, love, great food and laughter.

The Pure Spring Cleanse is a quick and easy way to re-energise, reset and get your glow back so that you can enjoy the warmer months feeling your absolute best.

What you will receive:

A 4-week program that is simple and easy to follow
A weekly meal plan, online recipes and a list of foods to include in your Detox Diet
A small private facebook group with weekly group coaching
One Month Supply of Practitioner-only Detoxification powders
Naturopathic yoga – speed up your detox by moving your body each day from the comfort of your lounge room
One express initial consultation (online via Zoom) to get you started plus weekly accountability check-in’s
Say ‘Goodbye’ to lacklustre skin, energy and digestion.

And say a big ‘Hello’ to glowing, vibrant health, where you feel more motivated in your day-to-day life, lighter and inspired with food and more rested.

A Clean, Healthy diet

You will learn exactly what nourishing foods to include in your Detox Diet, to help you achieve amazing results. You will receive a weekly meal plan and have access to online recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. 

The Pure Spring Cleanse is not a fad diet and:

  • Helps to ease the confusion about what proteins, grains or dairy you should be eating to enhance the detox process
  • Guides you on meal preparation and how to read a food label effectively


Targeted Nutrients

The Pure Spring Cleanse wipes the slate clean and can help to return your body back to an ideal state of health.

The Detox powders can help minimise pesky symptoms and get you back to a healthy baseline by:

  • Reducing the toxic load in your body
  • Supporting your gut and microbiome health
  • Improving liver detoxification

Move your body

Is there a yoga class or gym session you keep putting off? You know, that class you really should be going to, but you just haven’t made it there? You’ve definitely thought about it plenty of times, but it hasn’t happened.

Life is so busy! So as a bonus I’ve included Naturopathic Yoga for you to enjoy at home in as little as 10 minutes!

Exercise and movement helps your body to sweat, eliminate toxins more effectively and can support you during your Cleanse.

Accountability & Support

What is the key to achieving amazing results and high performance? Accountability!

I’m guessing you’ve tried over the counter options to improve your health before, but been disappointed by the lack of results.

The Pure Spring Cleanse has been carefully designed by Kristy – a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist, with weekly accountability check-in’s to help keep you on track.

Everything you need to know

Q: How can I sign up to the Pure Spring Cleanse?

A: Please click the button above to sign up to the Pure Spring Cleanse. You will then be prompted to book a time for your initial online consultation and to pay the $250 deposit.

Q: Are there payment plans available for the program?

A: Yes, weekly payment plans are available for the 4-Week Pure Spring Cleanse and start from $50/week (Earlybird pricing). An initial deposit of $250 is required. Please email Kristy at [email protected] to set up your payment plan.

Q: Is there any more information available for the program?

A: By purchasing the Program, you are agreeing to the Program Terms and Conditions. Click here to read the T&Cs.

Q: How can I contact you with any questions?

A: For any queries, please contact Kristy at [email protected]



Are you ready to get started?


Upfront $500

OR choose a payment plan:

Deposit $250 + $62.50/week**

**Payment plan is for 4 x weeks

PS: I can’t wait to work with you and help you reset your health this Spring! 

Kristy x


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